Guaranteed Lifetime Income in Retirement*

Offering lifetime income solutions can help you complete your company’s defined contribution retirement plan — and provide your employees with the peace of mind that they'll never outlive their retirement savings.**


Offer your employees security with guaranteed* lifetime income in retirement.

Guaranteed Lifetime Income Solutions

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Roberta Rafaloff, VP, Institutional Income Annuities for MetLife, discusses various topics on lifetime income and defined contribution plans.

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MetLife’s Evolving Retirement Model Study

Today’s workplace landscape has evolved from the traditional notions of retirement. With this new retirement model come several considerations to meet the needs of an aging workforce, as well as the generations of workers who follow behind them.

* All guarantees are subject to the financial strength and claims-paying ability of Metropolitan Tower Life Insurance Company. 

** Group annuity contracts are issued through Metropolitan Tower Life Insurance Company. Like most group annuity contracts, Metropolitan Tower Life Insurance Company group annuities contain certain limitations, exclusions and terms for keeping them in force. Ask a Metropolitan Tower Life Insurance Company representative for costs and complete details. 

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